Brian P. Cleary
Brian P. Cleary author
  A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink: What Is a Noun?
written by Brian P. Cleary
illus. by Jenya Prosmitsky
Millbrook Press / Lerner
grades 2 to 5
  Also available from the publisher as a multi-user e-book, interactive book, and AudiseeĀ® eBook with Audio
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Making Pizza
My Unusual Pet
Nouns Coloring Page
Nouns Poster (11x17")
A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink:
What Is a Noun?

What is a noun? It’s easier to show than explain—and this book is brimming with examples.

Author Brian Cleary and illustrator Jenya Prosmitsky creatively clarify the concept of nouns for young readers.

Nouns are printed in color for easy identification, and the playful rhymes and illustrations combine to highlight key words.

Awards and Recognition

American Bookseller Kids' Pick of the Lists
Book-of-the-Month Children's Club Selection


“This book subtitled ‘What Is a Noun?’ appropriately abounds with persons, places and things, while rhymes drop broad hints about using nouns.” (Kirkus Reviews)

“While this book may appear to be little more than a list of nouns, the witty zeal it brings to the task of enumeration makes this basic concept seem like plenty … Colored type highlights the nouns within the verse, which winds around the pictures in a bouncy typeface. Certainly one of the least serious grammar lessons imaginable, this book will convince kids that nouns are everywhere.”Ā (Publishers Weekly)

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